Egon Wellesz "Prosperos Beschwörungen", Lemberg/Lviv, March 4, 2016

Egon Wellesz "Prosperos Beschwörungen", Lemberg/Lviv, March 4, 2016

After octo­ber 2015’s per­for­mance of the 1st sym­pho­ny, the next con­cert with an opus magnum of Egon Wel­lesz, con­duc­ted by Jörg Bir­han­ce, is going to take place: on March 4, 2016, “Pros­pe­ros Beschwö­run­gen” (Pros­pe­ros Incan­ta­ti­ons), five sym­pho­nic pie­ces, after Shake­speare “The Tem­pest” (1934–1936), with Lviv Phil­har­mo­nic Orches­tra in Lviv Con­cert Hall — the pie­ce which saved Egon Wel­lesz from Nazi per­se­cu­ti­on.

Bru­no Wal­ter first per­for­med it in Vien­na in Febru­ary 1938 and asked Dr. Men­gel­berg, the direc­tor of Con­cert­ge­bouw Ams­ter­dam, if he could con­duct Pros­pe­ro ins­te­ad of “Tod und Ver­klä­rung” by Richard Strauss. Dr. Men­gel­berg invi­ted him to do so, and Bru­no Wal­ter and Egon Wel­lesz went to Ams­ter­dam. The day befo­re the con­cert, Hit­ler inva­ded Aus­tria, and Egon Wel­lesz could not go back, but found exi­le in Oxford.

Pros­pe­ros Incan­ta­ti­ons is a colour­ful com­po­si­ti­on full of Shakespeare’s spi­rit, and it will be part of the fol­lo­wing pro­gram in Lviv:

  • Mozart, Sin­fo­nia no 35 in D, “Haff­ner
  • Mah­ler, Ada­gio from Sym­pho­ny no. 10
  • Schu­mann, Man­fred-Ouver­tu­re
  • Wel­lesz, Pros­pe­ros Beschwö­run­gen

The con­cert is kind­ly sup­por­ted by the Egon Wel­lesz-Fonds at Gesell­schaft der Musik­freun­de in Wien and Musik­ver­lag Dob­lin­ger, Wien.

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